Technical Support

Main Security Code Adjustment

A common support issue is that the system does not respond to the main security code. This can indicate a couple of things. On a normally working system it simply means that the security code entered does not match the one stored in memory.

The solution is easy but you must operate the RFC-1/B from the local telephone. This usually involves a trip to the transmitter site. This is a security feature, it is not meant to be aggravating.

Activate the RFC-1/B with the local telephone by pressing the local control button on the front of the relay panel. The system will identify itself with the site identification phrase when the button is pressed.

  • To read and reprogram the main security code, enter the command 72
  • The RFC-1/B will respsond with "main security code" followed by eight digits
  • If any digits are announced as 10 they are unused digits
  • After the code the RFC-1/B will say "press # (pound) to reprogram"

If you only want to read the current code then you are done. Enter 99 and hang up.

  • To change the security code, press the # key after the prompt
  • The RFC-1/B will respond with "enter 8 digit main security code"
  • Enter 8 digits for the new main security code.
  • The RFC-1/B will say "OK" and the process is complete

If a code shorter than eight digits is required, enter the code that you want then press the * key until you have pressed eight keys total.

When you are done, enter 99 and hang up.