Technical Support

Adjust the Ring Sensitivity

If the RFC-1/B does not answer the line when it rings then adjusting the ring sensitivity may resolve the condition. This assumes that the RFC-1/B is working normally and has not been damaged by lightning.


These instructions will maximize the ring sensitivity adjustment in the RFC-1/B.

Use the programming security code from your system when prompted at line 3.

  1. Connect to the RFC-1/B from either the local phone or a remote call.
  2. Once you have access to the system, enter programming mode: 80
  3. The RFC-1/B will prompt for the advanced programming security code: 4150
  4. The RFC-1/B will prompt for a four digit address: 1014
  5. The RFC-1/B will repeat the address and wait for a command.
  6. Enter the new setting for the ring sensitivity: 8
  7. Press the pound key to write the data at the address: #
  8. Exit the programming mode immediately by pressing the star key: *

It is important to press * and exit programming mode after the final value is entered.