Frequently Asked Questions

Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

RFC-1/B firmware versions 4.x and 5.x do not observe daylight saving time. There are two working solutions for stations that adjust power to follow sunrise/sunset that want to program the entire year of changes into the system.

The first option is to manually change the clock at the appropriate time and date. This method is simple and effective as long as an operator remembers to adjust the clock at the appropriate time.

The second option is to leave the clock running at standard time all year and compensate for daylight saving time in the power change programming. If setup correctly, power changes will occur at the appropriate sunrise and sunset times even though the clock is technically behind by one hour during daylight saving time.

The advantage to the second method is that the system requires no bi-annual time adjustment as long as the proper time compensation is made when programming the timed events.

A future firmware version is expected to have an option for automatic daylight saving clock adjustment.