Frequently Asked Questions

Unexpected Lower/Off Relay Activation

This discussion assumes a normally working RFC-1/B system. The telephone line is the most likely path for lightning so it is possible and perhaps even likely that a system that will not call has suffered lightning damaged.

This is often a symptom of lightning damage. However, there is also a programming option that activates the lower/off relay on a channel when it is selected. The feature is called the "auto-control relay". It is commonly used on antenna monitors that require a switch closure to generate a sample voltage.

Auto control relay behavior will be predictable and repeatable where lightning damage may be somewhat random. If the lower/off relay activates when a specific channel is selected and deactivates when another channel is selected then the auto control relay feature may be enabled on that channel.

If several control relays activate at once or if a relay engages on a channel other than the one that is selected then the system has probably suffered lightning damage. There is no programming to solve that problem.

The auto-control relay feature is documented in the RFC-1/B manual with the channel settings: unit word, scale, etc. When an erroneous or illegal value is programmed in the channel settings this feature may be enabled. The auto-control relay is enabled on per channel basis at the fourth memory address for the channel.

To correct this behavior, verify the programming for the channel that is exhibiting this behavior. The tech support area has a page that can generate step-by-step programming instructions to program a telemetry channel if you need assistance with the programming.