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RFC-1/B Seizes Phone Line

This discussion assumes a normally working RFC-1/B system. The telephone line is the most likely path for lightning so it is possible and perhaps even likely that a system that will not call has suffered lightning damaged.

This is a very common issue with the RFC-1/B. The majority of the time it is caused by a simple programming mistake when the site ID phrase is changed by the user.

When this problem occurs, the RFC-1/B will seize the telephone line immediately when powered up. It is important to note that this occurs immediately when power is applied, there is no delay.

The distinction is important because if there is delay of about 5 seconds before the line is seized then the power failure alarm is dialing. This feature is enabled and disabled with a different command and has nothing to do with this programming error.

The solution to this problem is to reset the hardware revision setting.