Frequently Asked Questions

Determining the RFC-1/B Firmware Version

The RFC-1/B refers to its firmware as software. The most accurate method to determine the firmware version of an RFC-1/B is to use the command "78". The RFC-1/B will respond with the software version. This method always provides the correct version even if the RFC-1/B has been updated.

  • In version 2.x, the response will be 2.00 through 2.03
  • In version 3.x, the response will be 3.00 through 3.08
  • In version 4.x, the response will be "software version" 4.00 through 4.24
  • In version 5.x, the response will be "software version" 5.00 through 5.24

The firmware version cannot be accurately determined from the serial number because the system may have been updated.