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Program a Telemetry Channel

Channel readings always begin with the identifier "Channel XX" where XX is the channel number such as 01, 02, etc. The channel identifier cannot be changed.

The channel reading follows the identifier and it is adjustable. Each channel has four memory locations that store settings for the reading. Among other things, the settings determine if a channel delivers an analog value or a status reading.

Analog Readings

Telemetry channels can be programmed with a unit word and a decimal point. The range and scale of the reading can also be changed. There are four memory locations for each channel that determine these characteristics.

  • the first two memory locations determine the unit word for analog readings
  • the third memory location sets the maximum reading and decimal point location
  • the fourth memory location sets the scale to linear or logarithmic

Status Readings

Status readings are basically on/off type readings. The RFC-1/B offers several pairs of useful words to describe status conditions. The range and scale settings are ignored on status channels.


Use the selections below to setup a telemetry channel. All items must be completed.

The values and adresses will be calculated and displayed. Click the "Show Instructions" button to display step-by-step programming instructions.

Channel Number

This is the channel to program.

select a channel from the list

Analog or Status

This sets the channel to give an analog or a status reading. Select an item from one of the options below.

select a word from the list or,

select a status reading from the list

Scale and Decimal

This sets the scale and decimal point position for the channel. Choose a reading from the list that is larger than the maximum expected channel reading.

select a scale setting from the list

Linear or Logarithmic

This sets the scale to either linear or logarithmic scale. The setting is dictated by the device connected to the telemetry input. Most devices provide linear readings. Some transmitter power readings may be logarithmic.

  • linear
  • logarithmic

Auto-control Relay

The auto-control function activates a relay for equipment that requires a switch closure to operate (such as an antenna monitor). When auto-control relay is enabled, the off/lower relay engages when the channel is selected. This is not normally used.

  • enable auto-control relay


Program these addresses with the values shown below.

At memory address: program value:

At memory address: program value:

At memory address: program value:

At memory address: program value:

Programming Instructions

Programming instructions are displayed in a new window. Popup blockers may interfere with this feature.